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                 "Even if I was born a lizard,
I would still be a painter"


My name is Vassiliki Gerokosta, I am a visual artist, a painter of embioelectromagnetic realism. 

I work as a painter, art tutor, illustrator & graphic designer. 

Born in Athens 1974, now based at the sacred island of Samothraki within whose energetic field I draw all the inspiration for my paintings and teachings since 2009.


I have shared till now 5 solo exhibitions and  published 4 poetry books. 

My work is a powerful boost on simplicity and abstraction.

Understanding of multidimensional energy through sensitivity and awareness using symbols is my challenge.

I am ready for my next solo and book.

I like to lead a poetic life.


02/2011  Viewmaster, Aggelon Vima, Athens (catalogue)
10/2013  Bossa Nova / Sunsets of the 21rst century, Vryssaki place, Athens (catalogue)
09/2018   L' Un dans l' Autre, Centre for the Study of Traditional Pottery, Athens(catalogue)

12/2018 Τear Mine (on line)

11/2019 The MoonMaker and the Diviners (Atalanti's cultural center and on line)

XX/2022   Odysseis and Jasmines (upcoming)

(in several group exhibitions of artists with oil-painting, watercolor, photography and construction)
05/2000, theater ROES, Festival DIARROES (catalogue)
05/2002 Vakalo Art School, year exhibition
2004-08 yearly exhibitions, University of Thessaloniki (catalogue)
06/2009  Booze Cooperativa, S.A.L.I.G.I.A.
03/2011  Technohoros Gallery, Visual Poetry Movement (catalogue)
01/2011  Yiayianos Titanium Gallery, Drawings for a new Drachma
06/2012  Yiayianos Titanium Gallery, Summer Ascension
09/2013  with Ε.Ε.Τ.Ε., Greek painters in Sanghai, China (catalogue)
07/2013  Yiayianos Titanium Gallery, Summer Ascension
09/2014  “Living history-Living nature”, Almopia, Artbook YDORO
12/2015  60years ΕΕDΥΕ, Cultural center Melina Merkouri
01/2016  "Europa's Abduction", StoArt Korai, Heritage & Museums
03/2017  Antipragmatismos / Exchanges, Eos Gallery 

2/2018   Visual Artists from mountain Imitos, Bouziani's Museum, Athens

5/2018   Ex libris, engravings, Cultural center Melina Merkouri (catalogue)

12/2018 Mediteranean Sea through her poets, Cultural center of Pireaus Port (catalogue)

10/2021 Mind the distance, Attilion Gallery, Athens

02/2022 Sea is always far away, Galleri Technochoros, Athens

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